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This Week's Featured Recipe Book

The River Cottage Fish Book

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall & Nick Fisher

More than just a cookbook, this beautifully produced volume in three parts promotes a total understanding of British fish, from their natural habitats to what sauce they go best with to how to respect their seasonality, in keeping with the River Cottage ethos.

The first part is dedicated to understanding fish - Hugh and Nick explain the ins and outs of procuring a good fish, discussing fish farming, aquaculture, sustainability and harvesting issues, how to buy and catch fish in an ethical way, and how to prepare it for the kitchen. Next they open up a whole world of fish cooking - pickling, salting, barbecuing, frying, potting, stewing, smoking and more are explained in depth, each technique followed by classic recipes from gravadlax to kedgeree, from sashimi to chip shop battered cod. Finally, Hugh and Nick present Britain's best fish by species, giving portraits with notes on seasonality and ecology, as well as listing the relevant recipes from part 2 with alternatives. "The River Cottage Fish Book" is the only book on fish that the adventurous fish lover will ever need.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is a writer, broadcaster and campaigner. His series for Channel 4 have earned him a huge popular following, while his books have collected multiple awards including the Glenfiddich Trophy and the Andre Simon Food Book of the Year. Hugh lives in Dorset with his family.

Nick Fisher is a leading fishing pundit who created, researched and presented five successful series of Screaming Reels for Channel 4, and presented the Sony Award-winning Radio 5 Live show Dirty Tackle. He writes regularly for the Shooting Times as well as for all the major national newspapers.