Helping you make the most of YOUR cookbooks

Who We Are is a time-saving online tool that shows you exactly where to find ingredients and recipes in your own cookbooks and beyond.

What's it all about?

We think that cookbooks are wonderful things to own. They're beautifully produced, with mouthwatering recipes and pictures to match. But how often do you really use them? The average cookbook contains around 200 recipes, and the average person owns over 40 - yet most people cook regularly using only seven recipes!

We think that it's time to make the most of your cookbooks, and that's where comes in.

We have details on where to find over 28,000 recipes in our online library, and what ALL of the ingredients are in every one.

You can search the entire library, or you can create a personal online bookshelf and just search your own cookbooks. We don't store the method or the quantities for the recipes - we tell you which book and what page number you can find the recipe on, so you still get the enormous pleasure of using your cookbooks.

But why not just use the book indexes? Well firstly, if you own more than a handful of cookbooks it's going to take a while to go through them all! And secondly, unless you know the exact title of the recipe, or the one main ingredient, you'll miss a lot of interesting and relevant recipes in your search.

What can you search for?

Using, you can search in any number of ways to locate relevant recipes in your own cookbooks.

  • I've got chicken and bacon and cream in the fridge - what recipes have I got?
  • I want something spicy as a starter - what recipes have I got?
  • I want a seafood risotto, but I don't like squid - what recipes have I got?
  • I want to make a steak and kidney pie - what recipes have I got?
  • I want to make a dish but I'm not sure how to spell it - how can I find it?
  • I want to find all the vegetarian recipes in my cookbooks - how can I do it?
  • I want to find all the chicken recipes that use brandy as an ingredient - how can I do it?

The library is growing all the time - we're working on getting all of the cookbooks published in the last five years on there, and then we'll start going back even further.

We'd love to hear your suggestions for books to include, so if you have a cookbook request, get in touch and let us know.

Who's behind it all? was founded in 2010 by computer nerds and avid cooks Chris and Linda. They have been writing computer software since the first dinosaur computers were around! and cooking for even longer.

The team has grown over the last year to include our communication guru and wordsmith Liz, who can be found on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well as our lovely blog.

Many thanks must also go to Autografik and JoJet for all their help with the web site.